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    Hello and welcome to Troy Park Photography.

    My name's Troy, and this is my photography page. But you already knew that, right?

    I'm a South Coast wedding photographer, dedicated to capturing beautiful images of beautiful people.

    Please feel free to check out my blog below, look around the site, get in touch via my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, or just send me an 101,109,97,105,108liame.

Martin & Michelle

[This is a wedding I shot with a friend of mine, Brian from Gold Tree Photography. He works in partnership with another friend, and due to being away on holiday, I was called in to help cover the event.]

To kick the whole thing off, me and Brian met with Martin and Michelle at the picturesque Chine Hotel, as an initial meet and greet and an opportunity for the couple to get to know how we were going to photograph their wedding. The hotel itself is hidden in the corner of a back road, with a modest frontage that gives nothing away. However, step inside the hotel and you are met with stunning rooms, excellent décor and an incredible view. The hotel backs onto the cliff of Boscombe beach, with it’s gardens cascading down to a private entrance to the beach. It really is a hidden gem, and the perfect venue for this wedding.

The day of wedding soon came around, and the weather looked like it was going to defeat us. The plan was always to have an outside ceremony, however the morning rain wasn’t giving us much hope. I kicked my day off by heading round to Martin’s flat, where the grooms-men were all getting ready. As you can see, I was pretty much in awe with their cuff links! I spent an hour shooting here before making a head start to beat the guests to the hotel. 

Some simple shots of the rooms all set up (before anyone had the chance to destroy them!) and an opportunity to capture some of the guests arriving was short lived.

The weather had begun to ease off at this point, and the chairs were all laid out ready in the main garden. A quick pep talk with Brian was all that was needed before we heading down to the garden to assume our positions.

After the ceremony we spent a short amount of time capturing some of the main group photos, as well as some candids of the guests. With this done and dusted we stole the newly-weds and took the short walk down to the beach to capture some great couple photos. We were met with a lot of crowds and onlookers all keen to enjoy the couple’s big day.

Back up to the hotel and the meals and speeches were the next port of call. A fantastic selection of words were spoken by all, with some particularly funny best men speeches that lifted everyone’s spirits.

With some time to spare before the evenings festivities, we encouraged Martin and Michelle to come with us to another location for a very quick sunset shoot. We took them onto Boscombe Pier for a simple but stunning photo shoot.

With all of the formal stuff out of the way, it was time for the party to kick off. At this point me and Brian did everything we could to melt into the background, photographing the party and trying to stay clear of the dance floor!

As you can see this really was a fantastic wedding, and we had a lot of fun shooting it.

Mind Health Research UK Charity Ball

On Sunday I had the pleasure of photographing the Mind Health Research Charity Ball at the stunning Parley Manor. The aim of this ball was to raise as much money for the charity as possible, so naturally my services were offered for free.

The evening had a lot to offer, from great food to some impressive entertainment. Those who like to get dressed up, eat some great food and listen to some excellent music would have loved it (Check out Mark Daniels for the best Michael Buble tribute I’ve heard).

The entire night was a great success. Auctions and donations helped the charity raise over £20,000 in a single night, and I’m just glad I could help in my own little way. Anyway, I’ll let the photos do the talking.

A Bournemouth Wedding

This wedding was actually being covered by Debbie from Louise’s Photography, and she very graciously allowed me to follow her around for the day and cover the wedding from another angle.

Most of the day was very relaxed, with the guests being all too happy in front of the camera. I did get some awful awful photos, and made some really silly errors which I put down to stress and nerves. However, I managed to get some good photos, I think. It was difficult, because most of my time was spent organising groups and helping Debbie, so any photos I got were just as and when, and were never from the ideal location. But anyway, here are just a few…

And here is the only shot I managed to get of Debbie as she rushed around. I was hoping to get a few of her in action, but we were just too pushed for time.


My other passion

Along with photography, another major passion of mine is motorcycling. It has been something I’ve done for 2 years now, and although it started as a simple form of cheap transport, it has turned into a hobby.

Motorcycling, like photography, has a very close-knit community, which is something I really enjoy. This community atmosphere sees events being held around the country, throughout the year, where motorcyclists gather and enjoy our hobby together.

One of the main calendar events of the year on the English south coast is the Beaulieu ride-in day. I attended this for the first time last year, and obviously took my camera. You’d actually be surprised how many other bikers were sporting high-end DSLRs. Anyway, pictures. These are just a few, where as most of them can be found on my Facebook page.

Steph and Rachel

A while back  I was looking for a new project after being inspired by a shoot I helped out with. It was with Chris Yates, a very talented photographer, along with a whole team that included a make up artist, stylist and a couple of models.

So after seeing how all of this was done, I set out putting together my own team. I’d originally found Steph on Model Mayhem, and I liked the look of some of her work. So we got in touch and expressed an interest to get a project going.  She suggested a model she knew, Rachel, who happened to be on my Model Mayhem friends list (which generally means I’m keen to work with them!). So with everything falling into place, we set about planning. Now I have to admit, I’m a natural portrait guy really, so when Steph started throwing some high fashion ideas at me, I was a little skeptical. However, I’m glad we stuck with it, because the shots turned out excellent.

With some ideas in place, we decided to use Steph’s garden as a location. I originally thought it wouldn’t be too special, but would do, but I was wrong. Her garden is amazing, and being so large and perfectly landscaped, it meant we could use a number of locations and it not look the same each time.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Here are some of the shots we managed to get.


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